Cancellation and Refunds

You will receive an electronic notification 3 to 5 days prior to your transaction and a receipt that will provide you with details of the transaction amount, date, and time after it

is successfully done.The company does not assert or adhere to a refund policy until the digital product is somehow shown to be inaccurate. In such circumstances, the client must email [email protected] and provide specific evidence that the company's product was not as promised. Keep in mind, the Client will no longer have access to the Company's services after the requested reimbursement has been granted.

Refunds are all subject to the original payment method. By purchasing digital services, the Client accepts our refund policy and waives any right to challenge it in court or otherwise. The company declares that local charges (taxes etc.) may occur, depending on your region and tax laws. These charges are supposed to be owned by the customers, not the company.

Refunds will be initiated after investigating each case, taking into consideration other factors including our other buyers’ criticisms and feedback. In case the issued refund is for a recurring billing, you will be reimbursed for the most recent transaction; however it will also result in prompt termination of our services. The same applies for a refund of fees for non recurring services.

If you disagree with any charges we made to your account, you must first attempt to resolve the issue with us before formally filing a complaint with your credit card company. You can send us an email and let us know why you are upset. We will be able to quickly address your complaint and quickly resolve the issue, preventing further hassles for both parties.